This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

    Friday 13th August


    Janusz Lipkowski

    Supramolecular Hydrates: Hydrophilic versus Hydrophobic Hydration of Molecules in the Solids

    Chair: J. Atwood


    Keith Moffat

    Nanosecond Time- Resolved Crystallography

    Chair: D.W.J. Cruickshank


    Hot Macromolecular Structures I

    Chair: N. Isaacs
    Co-Chair: J.L. Martin

    M13.0B     Photo

    Time-Resolved Diffraction and Protein Dynamics

    Chair: I. Schlicting
    Co-Chair: J. Helliwell

    M13.0C     Photo

    Aperiodic and Incommen- surate Structures II

    Chair: T. Janssen
    Co-Chair: G. Chapius

     M13.0D     Photo

    Structure Solution from Powders Using Electron and Powder Diffraction Techniques

    Chair: S. Hovmoeller
    Co-Chair: R.J. Cernik

     M13.0E     Photo

    Absorption corrections

    Chair: M.M. Woolfson
    Co-Chair: A.L. Spek


    Strong Closed Shell Interactions in Crystals

    Chair: A.Vegas
    Co-Chair: P. Pyykko


    Hot Macromolecular Structures II

    Chair: C.I. Branden
    Co-Chair: M. Bolognesi


    The MAD Method

    Chair: C. Ogata
    Co-Chair: A. Thompson



    Chair: V. Kopsky
    Co-Chair: E. Koch

     M13.DD     Photo

    Ab initio Structure Prediction

    Chair: C.R.A. Catlow
    Co-Chair: P. Verwer

     M13.EE     Photo

    Data Accuracy and Detectors (Sponsored by Stoe)

    Chair: W. Minor
    Co-Chair: H. Graafsma

     M13.FF     Photo


    Chair: H. Klapper
    Co-Chair: J.W. Hu


    Hans Beat Burgi

    Frontiers in Chemical Crystallography

    Chair: C.P. Brock


    Justin Wark

    Picosecond X-ray Diffraction

    Chair: L. Aslanov