This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

    Thursday 12th August


    Paolo Radaelli

    Colossal Magneto- Resistance

    Chair: J. Evans


    Michele Parrinello

    Role and Perspectives of Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics in Crystallography

    Chair: D. Price


    Viruses and Viral Proteins

    Chair: Y. Jones
    Co-Chair: W. Hendrickson


    Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions and Cell Adhesion

    Chair: F.A. Quiocho
    Co-Chair: P. van Roey


    Aperiodic and Incommensurate Structures (I)

    Chair: S. van Smaalen
    Co-Chair: W. Paciorek


    Structure Solution from Powder Data - Inorganic Materials

    Chair: Ch. Baerlocher
    Co-Chair: J. Rius


    X-ray Optics
    (Sponsored by Microsource)

    Chair: A. Authier
    Co-Chair: K. Lal


    Giant Magneto Resistance Materials

    Chair: F. Tasset
    Co-Chair: A. Balagurov


    Cellular and Molecular Regulation

    Chair: B. DeVos
    Co-Chair: E. Goldsmith


    Ab Initio and Molecular Replacement Phasing Methods

    Chair: J. Navaza
    Co-Chair: G. Bricogne


    Pseudo-symmetry and Twinning

    Chair: H.D. Flack
    Co-Chair A.J. Blake


    Combined Powder Diffraction, EXAFS and DAFS

    Chair: G.N. Greaves
    Co-Chair: G. Sankar


    Perovskite and Related Materials

    Chair: J. Jorgensen
    Co-Chair: P. Attfield


    Teaching Crystallography

    Chair: K. Crennell
    Co-Chair: K. El Sayed


    Walter Steurer

    The Hidden Order of Aperiodic Crystals

    Chair: A. Janner


    Sung-Hou Kim

    Structural Genomics of a Hyperthermophile: A Feasability Test

    Chair: J. Thornton