This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

    Wednesday 11th August


    Carmelo Giacovazzo

    Structure Solution from Powders

    Chair: H. Schenk


    Ian Wilson

    Structural Basis of Immune Recognition

    Chair: A.C. Bloomer


    The Immune System and Designed Enzymes

    Chair: D. Fremont
    Co-Chair: R. Stevens


    Metalloproteins, Electron Transport and EXAFS

    Chair: J.M. Guss
    Co-Chair: B.G.M. Hedman


    High Pressure Studies of Biological and Other Soft Matter

    Chair: R. Winter
    Co-Chair: S.M Gruner


    Crystal Engineering

    Chair: G.R. Desiraju
    Co-Chair: R D. Rogers/
    M. Zaworotko


    Quantitative Electron Diffraction and Microscopy

    Chair: D. van Dyck
    Co-Chair: J. Gjonnes

     M11.0F     Photo

    Perovskite Materials

    Chair: P. Woodward
    Co-Chair: E. Antipov


    Drug Discovery and Design
    (Sponsored by 3-Dimensional
    Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

    Chair: P. Fitzgerald
    Co-Chair: P. Colman


    Macromolecules at High Resolution: Refinement and Validation

    Chair: K.S. Wilson
    Co-Chair: G.J. Kleywegt


    New Frontiers in High Pressure Crystallography

    Chair: J.B. Parise
    Co-Chair: D. Hausermann


    Structure Solution from Powder Data - Molecular Compounds
    (Sponsored by Clariant BmbH)

    Chair: W.I.F. David
    Co-Chair: R. Dinnebier

     M11.EE     Photo

    Magnetic and Inelastic Scattering

    Chair: M.J. Cooper
    Co-Chair: G.H. Lander

     M11.FF     Photo

    Intermolecular Interactions

    Chair: K. Suwinska
    Co-Chair: J.C.A. Boeyens


    Bulk Crystal Growth and Surface Phenomena

    Chair: I. Smolsky
    Co-Chair: M. Muehlberg


    Daniel Hausermann

    Crystallography in Extreme Conditions of Pressure and Temper- ature: Myth or Reality?

    Chair: H. Iwasaki


    Jennifer Doudna

    Crystal Structure of a Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme: Clues to RNA Catalysis

    Chair: W. Hol