This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

    Sunday 8th August


    Josh Thomas

    Crystallography and the Li-Ion Battery

    Chair: P. Bruce


    Dave McKay

    Small Ribozyme Structure and Mechanism

    Chair: D. Moras


    Crystallography and NMR of RNA

    Chair: D. Moras
    Co-Chair: D. Lilley


    Large Unit Cells: Sources, Detectors and Data

    Chair: S. Ealick
    Co-Chair: A. Leslie


    High Pressure Structures and Phase Transitions

    Chair: O. Shimomura
    Co-Chair: M.I. McMahon


    Applications of Line Broadening

    Chair: D. Balzar
    Co-chair: R. Delhez


    Difficult Structures

    Chair: D.J. Watkin
    Co-Chair: P.T. Beurskens


    Advanced Battery and Fuel Cell Materials

    Chair: P.Bruce
    Co-Chair: T. Kamiyama


    Prediction, Docking and Pattern Recognition

    Chair: J. Thornton
    Co-Chair: M. Eisenstein


    Problematics in Macro- molecular Structure II: Fitting and Refinement
    (Sponsored by CCP4)

    Chair: E. Dodson
    Co-Chair: T.A. Jones


    Structures and Techniques at Extreme Pressures and Temperatures

    Chair: R.J. Hemley
    Co-Chair: A.K. Singh


    Non-Structural Applications of Rietveld Analysis

    Chair: D.K. Smith
    Co-Chair: I. Madsen


    Interfacial Structures

    Chair: S. Satija
    Co-Chair: J. Penfold


    Structure-Property Relationships in Chiral Compounds

    Chair: K. Stadnicka
    Co-Chair: C.C. Wilson


    Werner Kuhs

    Water Structures in Ices and Clathrates: Theme and Pressure Variations

    Chair: D. Klug


    John Moult

    Protein Structure Modelling in the Era of Structural Genomics

    Chair: J. Smith