This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

    Saturday 7th August


    Jack Dunitz

    Polymorphism: The
    Same Yet Different (Bragg Lecture)

    Chair: A.C.T. North


    Bill Thomlinson

    X-ray Imaging: From Amplitude to Phase

    Chair: M. Hart


    Problematics in Macro- molecular Structures: I Phasing (Sponsored by Rigaku)

    Chair: R. Read
    Co-Chair: Z. Otwinoski


    Engineering Macromolecules for Crystallisation

    Chair: K. Nagai
    Co-Chair: Craigi


    Phase Transitions

    Chair: J.M. Pérez-Mato
    Co-Chair: U. Bismayer

     M07.0D     Photo

    'In-situ' Studies Using Powder Diffraction

    Chair: G. Artioli
    Co-Chair: P. Barnes


    Amorphous Materials: Small Angle Scattering

    Chair: G. Kostorz
    Co-Chair: J.S. Pedersen


    Catalysts and Surfaces

    Chair: L. Leiserowitz
    Co-Chair: R.O. Gould


    Protein-Nucleic Interactions

    Chair: S. Burley
    Co-Chair: S. Neidle


    Bioinformation and Databases
    (Sponsored by NIST)

    Chair: S. Fortier
    Co-Chair: S. Bryant


    Short Range Order and Diffuse Scattering

    Chair: H. Boysen
    Co-Chair: J.L. Finney


    Thick Coatings

    Chair: P. Scardi
    Co-Chair: W. Reimers


    Polymorphism in Industry
    (Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Sciences, U. of Strathclyde)

    Chair: N. Shankland
    Co-Chair: W. DeCamp


    Organometallic and Co-ordination Chemistry
    (Sponsored by Dept. Chemistry University of Glasgow)

    Chair: A.G. Orpen
    Co-Chair: C. Kruger


    Richard Welberry

    Diffuse Scattering
    Lonsdale Lecture

    Chair: H. Flack


    Paul Sigler

    "Chaperonin Assisted Protein Folding: The Final Step in Genetic Expression"

    Chair: Z. Shakked