This is an archive of the official website for the IUCrXVIII Congress at Glasgow in 1999. Some images and text may be missing and some links no longer work.

Question: The registration fee seems expensive, why is this?

Answer: The full fee for registrations received before 1 June is 310.00. This is for a 10 day conference and so works out at 31.00 a day which is well below the daily rate of nearly every other major crystallography congress. For students it is only 20.00 a day. When you take three years of inflation into account, this is more or less the rate charged by the Seattle IUCr meeting in 1996.

Also remember how cheap the University accommodation is. For 37.00 a night you can have a comfortable room in the centre of town with your own shower room PLUS breakfast and evening meals.

For a student therefore the whole 10 days will cost 570.00 plus 50.00 or less for lunch. It represents a real bargain!

Question: What do I get for my registration fee?

Answer: Access to the opening ceremony, the buffet and drinks which follow it, the scientific sessions, the computer fayre, the Monteith Robertson symposium and buffet, the exhibition, the student mixer (if you are a student), the shopping evening, the farewell fling plus access to the full social programme.

Question: Which is the best hotel?

Answer: All the hotels have been used many times for conferences in Glasgow and offer a full range of facilities. In a given price bracket there is little to choose between them. We have compiled some extra information to aide your choice on the accommodation web page.

Remember that there are no hidden costs such as local taxes, government taxes and they all include breakfast (except Charing Cross Towers).

Question: What is the Coaching Charge?

Answer: The hotels are in the centre of town about a mile or less from the conference centre. For a fee of 10.00 for the full 10 days (except the excursion day) we will provide buses to take you from your hotel to the centre for the start of the sessions and return you in the evening when it is all over.

Question: How can I get help with specific problems?

Answer: e-mail or fax (44) (0)141 330 4419.